[CLASH OF TITANS] - Toda Sensei's Nito vs Kondo Sensei's Hasso no Kamae

The late Tadao Toda Sensei is probably the most famous exponent of Nito-Ryu Kendo to have ever lived. I was honoured to have met him, as he was acting as Shinpan-Cho at a tournament that I was refereeing at, and I had the opportunity to talk to him at length. 

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A few weeks ago I posted a video of Sawamura Sensei taking an unothadox Kamae agains Chiba Sensei from the Tokyo Kendo Festival from several years ago.

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In this video, Toda Sensei's Nito-Ryu is tested by Kondo Sensei's Hasso no Kamae, and what appears to be some Tsuki-waza reminiscent of Jukendo! It makes for a fantastic match to watch :

Video from: KendoWorld

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