[CLASSIC VIDEO] - 8th Dan Examination Footage from 1984

The Kendo 8th Dan exam is famed for being excruciatingly difficult to pass. With a pass rate that is often less than 1%, only a select few of the thousands of Kendoka who attempt the test will ever pass.

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Many of us have seen the well-known documentary, of Kenichi Ishida Sensei's attempt, and it is has helped form the basis for what many of us imagine the overall atmosphere of the exam to be.

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In what is perhaps a departure from what many of us imagine a usual 8th Dan exam to look like, this footage of Shiro Konishi Sensei is both energetic and explosive. A somewhat legendary Kendoka, Konishi Sensei passed this exam, and still practices Kendo at his current age of 92 :

Video from: konishiichimon

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