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  • Congratulations Andy Fisher Sensei on receiving your 6th dan, and thank you kindly for taking the time to share your thoughts on passing which I truly appreciate as I also challenged for my 6th dan but sadly enough I didn’t pass, but that’s ok as I’ve still got lots to learn, lots to do and will challenge again next year for it, it was my first try so I’m not upset at that as it was a touch grading and only one out of the seven of us actually passed and as for those going for 5th dan only 2 passed out of eleven that went for itm anyhow enough said.
    Thanks for your video’s and like I always say "I cannot get enough of basic technigues.
    All the best and Congrats again on passing your 6th dan on your fist attempt.

    Best regards from Halifax, NS, Canada.

    Michael Robertson

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