[KENDO RANT] - Improving without Sensei? Genmyouna Waza?

In a more positive note from the previous KENDO RANT video, I have decided to take to another installment to address some new questions.

Today I am talking about, the subject of Genmyouna Waza, and how to improve without a Sensei:

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  • That was a nice and motivating video, thanks!
    You mention something that I want to ask since you start those “Ippon reel” and “Clash of Titans”. Obviously, when you post those videos, you want to bring something to our attention. You want us to learn from those video. Can you guide us on what to watch in those video. Like: “notice X seconds before attacking how the kenshi start moving this way to bring his opponent in a situation…” We have to learn from watching, but we also have to learn how to watch!

  • Great show. I have a question for you: I’m a nidan who just moved across the country to a city without a kendo club. The nearest one is two hours away, and I don’t have a relationship with them yet. Can try to start a club here, and what would be the most appropriate and respectful way for me to do so?


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