[KENDO RANT] - Left-Handed Kendo and Reverse Chudan?

A question that seems to pop up from time to time, and has been posted on my last video, is in reference to Kendo for left-handed people.


Should left handed people have their hands and feet reversed? Is this prohibited? Here's what I think :

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  • Teaching Jo for 25 years and sword the past 15 I’ve often asked myself this very question. Musashi is revered for his sword skills and as the founder of Jo staff. Jo switches fluidly between left and right so why should that be different with a blade? It’s an antiquated holdover from (very) old-school military training. Modern militaries train weapons from ones dominant side. Samurai used the shorter wakizashi with their left. What about two-handed sword styles? Do they revert to right-side-only when using only one? Once while training with my Swordmaster I switched hands and “cut” him with the shinai. He exclaimed “that’s not allowed” I replied “you’re dead”. All martial arts styles train ambidextrously except for one fatal holdout.

    Vincent Gillenkirk

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