[KENDO RANTS] - When Shinpan Get it WRONG!

Today I decided to answer a couple of question that were left on the previous video I posted, including a great question about Shinpan (referees) and when they make mistakes.


The response to the question is here, and below it I will also link the videos that are discussed. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what else you would like to talk about next time :

Miyazaki Sensei vs Eiga Sensei :

Takanabe Sensei vs Uchimura Sensei (point happens around 9:15):

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  • Fisher san, I agree with most of your opinions on shimpaning. As a kendoka for +50 years I have witnessed many trends in the subjectivity of what is a valid ippon. But, is that part of the competition with oneself, to convince others, there people, that you have correctly cut with your sword. It is has kept me training all these years even though like you I have bad calls for me and against me. Being a shimpan, a good one, is very difficult, yet it is part of the path one has chosen and aids further in one’s maturity as a kendoka. Never would I ever change the subjectivity of kendo shimpan, only work harder to train better shimpan.

    Garrett Huehner

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