[KENDO VIDEO ANALYSIS] - Naoki Eiga Sensei, Mariko Yamamoto, Kaori Toyomaru Teach & Demonstate Kendo

In this video, Andy takes a look at a video of Naoki Eiga Sensei teaching a seminar for Junior High School students, with the help of All Japan-Level Women's competitors - Mariko Yamamoto and Kaoru Toyomaru:
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  • Impressive!
    Andy, while performing kirikaeshi, I noticed that they raised their shinai in a circular motion and then bring it down in the continuation of the movement on the other side. I’ve been tought to raise straight and go down in angle. So, should I keep this straight movement (which is obviously slower) or adopt this circular way?

  • Fantastic Kendo, lots to learn and to practice on……thanks for sharing.

    Michael Robertson

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