MINI BLOG/VIDEO - ‘How do I get stronger at Kendo?’ - Answered by 5 All-Japan Level Kenshi!

In this video a young Kenshi asks a panel of 5 All Japan level competitors how he can become stronger at Kendo. Here’s my interpretation of their answers:

Yamamoto Sensei - ‘You have to put in double the effort of others.’

Sakuma Sensei - ‘First of all, you need to decide a distinct goal or target. The ask yourself what you need to do to achieve that goal. Examine the goal in depth and do your best to achieve it.’

Kiwada Sensei - ‘When you practice, you should do your best check that you are practicing correctly. If check and take care to practice correctly, every time, then I think you will get stronger’

Furukawa Sensei - ‘You have to practice, but at the same time you have to reflect and consider your actions to improve. Also, you have listen to your teacher obediently, and follow their teaching.’

Hashimoto Sensei - ‘Of course effort is important. However, as everyone before me has already said, if you do your best to practice correctly, correct Kendo, then I believe that you will become strong.’

Hope you enjoy!



Video from: Haruhiko MUTOH

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