MINI BLOG/VIDEO - Takanabe Sensei's Preparation for the World Championships

Check out this video of a Japanese documentary called 'Onore ni Kate' - which means 'Overcoming Myself'. It follows the famous Susumu Takanabe Sensei and his preparations for the 2009 World Kendo Championships in Brazil.

It is in Japanese unfortunately, and too long for me to translate here, but even so, it makes for good watching. There is a fantastic scene with Takanabe Sensei having grueling practice with Kazuo Furukawa Sensei. Furukawa Sensei's advice to Takanabe Sensei is "You have a great Men attack! But you must fight to the very end, with the feeling of 'I will not lose' - even in your normal practice! You must make me want to tell you 'wow, you've become really strong!'. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Video from: 剣心一如

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