MINI BLOG/VIDEO - Uchimura Sensei's 7th Dan Exam

Ever wondered what it looks like when one of the world's most successful Kendo competitors sits a high-level grading? Do they change their Kendo? Or does it remain the same? Does their fame affect the outcome?

Well, let's have a look at an example! Here is a video from the legendary Ryouchi Uchimura's successful attempt at 7th Dan:

A quick look at the comments on this video shows that viewers seem to be split on their opinions regarding his performance. One person notes 'Still tournament style', whilst another writes 'He would have failed if he wasn't so famous'. In any case, Uchimura Sensei makes some clear and decisive strikes in this grading.

What do you think?

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Video from - 正念塾MACHIDA


  • Interesting topic of conversation Andy! I’m no expert, nor am I eligible to assess nanadan Kendo. ;) But from my observations Uchimura is certainly taking the fierce advantage in this clip. Things start off a little hit and miss, but very quickly his momentum builds. Given his small stature he still puts a lot of effort to attempt striking men which is good. He does land an array of clean strikes to men, kote and do. Overall I think he did very well.

    Reuben Barnett
  • An interesting video to watch but no way would I comment as I’m not at that level but will use it as a learning tool for when I go for my grading in the near future.
    I always appreciate the video’s that you share with the World and I’m grateful for you doing so.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Michael Robertson

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