*NEW VIDEO SERIES* [KENDO RANTS] - Yano Sensei's (Kyoshi 8dan) Thoughts on Suburi and its History

I decided that, as I can't release episodes of The Kendo Show as frequently as I would like to at the moment, and I am also rubbish at blogging, I would start a new informal series of videos where I muse/chat/rant about various Kendo topics.

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Today I am talking about a chat I had with Yano Sensei (Kyoshi 8th Dan) at the recent Edinburgh Kendo Seminar in Scotland (you can read about the seminar here), about Suburi and its history. Let me know what you think, and what other topics you'd like me to talk about :

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  • Thanks Andy! Interesting point indeed. This reminds me a seminar done here in Montreal, a while back, with instructions by Toida Senseï. About the Men suburi, I recall his advise stating "with the same total swing time, try to reach the target faster (accelerate) but take a real pause on “hit”, so you work on improving speed while fighting off the “rebound habit”"…

    Thanks for the “rant”, love it!

    Alexis Jolis Desautels
  • Thank you, not rubbish. :)

    One thing: you had a repeat of your intro where clearly you re-did it. You may just want to snip that bit off.


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