SPOTLIGHT - Eiga Sensei & Furukawa Sensei's Tsuki Waza

Naoki Eiga Sensei became one of the most celebrated and respected Kendoka of all time, when he achieved victory for team Japan in the 12th World kendo Championships in 2003. During a lengthy Daihyou-sen (representative match), he delivered an earth-shattering one-handed Tsuki to clench victory for his country.

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Eiga Sensei has become famous for his Tsuki Waza, and many attribute it to the influence of his High School Kendo teacher - Kazuo Furukawa Sensei. Furukawa Sensei is also well know for his explosive Tsuki techniques, and he performs them with a certain signature style, that has become instantly recognisable.

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This compilation video begins with several clips of Eiga Sensei's successful Tsuki points, followed by more from several other well known competitors. The video draws to a close with a collection of Furukawa Sensei's Tsuki points, making for a great overall comparison and snapshot of Tsuki Waza, performed at the highest level:

Video Source : swkendo

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