[SPOTLIGHT] - The Wonderful Waza of Sakuragi Sensei in 1982 & Modern Video (2 VIDEOS!!)

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Check out this classic video from the All Japan Kendo Federation 30th Anniversary Invitational Tournament - held in 1982! The video follows the matches of Testushi Sakuragi Sensei, and gives us a chance to see his simple, yet powerful Waza. 

Video from - swkendo

BONUS - Here's a modern video of Sakuragi Sensei, it's a short clip from an upcoming documentary about his recent 'retirement' Shiai!

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  • Great vids Andy. I just came across the newer one in my Youtube feed as well. Sakuragi sensei’s performance in that 1982 Championship is IMHO one of the single most beautiful displays of Kendo in shiai. Most of his ippon were simple shomen from seme-ai, and from memory of watching the DVD years ago most of his matches he won with two points. Just ideal.

    The real question is, why is he not 8th dan… :/ ?



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