Original Clarino Kendo Zekken (Nafuda)

Original Clarino Kendo Zekken (Nafuda)

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Our original Zekken is available in a variety of unique fonts and styles, and is used to display your name, and club/association name on the Tare.

Synthetic leather letters sewn onto Indigo-Dyed cotton.

ADVICE : In general the name of your club/Dojo/region is written across the top of the Zekken, your surname, or first name is written in the middle of the Zekken, vertically in Japanese, your surname, or first name is written at the bottom of the Zekken, horizontally in Roman script. If you do not require a name across the bottom please simply write 'NONE' in the appropriate box.

If you write your name in Roman script , and select a Japanese script from the font selection, our Japanese staff will translate your name appropriately. Alternatively, you can provide us with the characters you wish to use by email.


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